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A “Feathery Stroker”…

Posted on: June 1, 2006

…could very well turn out to be the 00s version of the 80s SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy, in case you didn't know). It would explain why I think Aragorn is such a hottie, but Viggo Mortensen himself is far too soft-looks-and-dreamy-poetry-in-bare-feet…

In Marian Keyes' latest book, Anybody Out There?, the main character's best friend has this to say about it:

"Jacqui's Feathery Stroker test is a horribly cruel assessment that she brings to bear on all men. It originated with some man she had slept with years ago. All night long he'd run his hands up and down her body in the lightest, feathery way, up her back, along her thighs, across her stomach and before they had sex he asked her gently if she was sure….And so the phrase came about. It suggested an effeminate quality which immediately stripped a man of all sex appeal….Far better, in Jacqui's opinion, to be a drunken wife-beater in a dirty vest than a Feathery Stroker."

"Why," I can hear my friends ask, "is Lori reading a chick lit book? She never reads chick lit." Ah, well, it's because, my dear friends, it was sent to me to read and discuss by the people at BzzAgent.com. And it is a surprisingly good book — rather tasty, in a chocolate chip muffin kind of way: enough substance to make it feel okay to eat for breakfast, but mostly just chocolaty-fun goodness.


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