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One day I was browsing…

Posted on: June 8, 2006

…at Powells.com — a truly great on-line bookstore. "Great" probably because they seem to truly appreciate books, and the written word. Their newsletters are text-based, not overflowing with graphics, and they have a real life storefronts in Portland, Oregon.

"Honey? Do you want to go on a road trip?"

Or is it a pilgrimage?

Over a year ago, I was looking for the letters of Al Purdy, a wonderful Canadian poet. One compilation does exist Yours, Al: The Collected Letters of Al Purdy (not hard to find…hint, hint…). But then, I discovered on Powells.com that there is a book with the collected letters of Purdy and Charles Bukowski, called The Bukowski/Purdy Letters, 1964-1974: A Decade of Dialogue.

Now, I like Bukowski's writing. He was obnoxious, but in his poetry he observed the world around him with insight and feeling. And I like Al Purdy's writing. I knew they had respected each other, but didn't know a book of their letters were available. I put myself on Powells.com request list, for a copy of the book when one came in. And a year later, just in time for my birthday, they got one. So I bought it. And like I've said before, always buy yourself the birthday present you want, 'cause nobody else will.

So, here's some Al Purdy:

The Last Picture in the World

A hunched grey shape
framed by leaves
with lake water behind
standing on our
little point of land
like a small monk
in a green monastery

almost sculpture
except that it's alive
brooding immobile permanent
for half an hour
a blue heron
and it occurs to me
that if I were to die at this moment
that picture would accompany me
wherever I am going
for part of the way

(from Beyond Remembering: The Collected Poems of Al Purdy)

And here's some Charles Bukowski:

it was just a little while ago

almost dawn
blackbirds on the telephone wire
as I eat yesterday's
forgotten sandwich
at 6 a.m.
an a quiet Sunday morning.

one shoe in the corner
standing upright
the other laying on it's

yes, some lives were made to be

©2001 Linda Lee Bukowski
reprinted with permission of Black Sparrow Press

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