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Posted on: June 12, 2006

We’ve all had those memories — the really cool ones from your childhood that, when you stop to think about them, may have been merely figments of your imagination?

I could swear I remember a secret passageway in an old barn, or even one of the old farmhouses one of my friends lived in…I remember climbing in, and climbing down….or do I? I was young — I could be remembering a (probably terribly dangerous) hay chute, or an old dumbwaiter. Or, did my neighbour read me some really impressionable novels? (She was older, and did read Charlotte’s Web to me when I was maybe 7….Christina, thank you.)

Well, for awhile now, I’d wondered if I’d dreamed my childhood favourite. Okay, no, I didn’t actually look up the author’s full list of titles, but I’d never heard anyone but me mention this book — and Gerald Durrell’s books get mentioned a lot!

Have you ever heard of The Donkey Rustlers? One of Gerald’s books for kids. I distinctly remember taking it out of the library at least twice…but I don’t really remember the story. I am now on the hunt for my own copy. Powells.com doesn’t have it…Abebooks.com lists 30 copies around the world.

Will it stand the test of time? How many childhood favourites do?


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