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Posted on: July 21, 2006

I’m a reader, yes, but I’m also really just a bibliophile. I love books. Looking at them. Touching them. Holding them…

I love the utility of trade paperbacks. Modern hardcovers are annoyingly heavy, and all the same. Every once in awhile, some publisher puts out a book with a bit more Oomph, a different shape, some unusual look & feel, that changes everyone’s perception of a book…but that’s another post. Today, I’m talking about something else, an online pleasure.
Old books. They have their own appeal. The content is delightfully dated, the pages crackle a different way, the book smells…old. I don’t collect old books (“Thank God!” I hear my husband say…), but I do appreciate them.
So, today’s gift to you, spend some time in the British Library’s Turning the Pages site — where you can literally page through ancient manuscripts (with the help of Shockwave). The best bit is the magnifying glass to look closely at the illumination…

4 Responses to "Online Beauty"

Actually, I’d be just fine with you collecting old paperbacks. It’s the overpriced “Folio” editions I object to.

You know the saying: “Folio once, shame on me, …”

The words in the books are the same. The illustrations are occasionally important (Troy Nesbitt and Tolkein spring to mind). But in most cases the 99¢ paperback contains the same number of words and gives far more value for money.

They’re portable, abuse-tolerant (when was the last time you swatted a fly with a Folio Edition?) and ultimately replaceable.

And better yet, you wouldn’t need 35 boxes to haul them between homes. Hell, you could give ’em all away and replace them!

Metro, I love you. I do. Really. But don’t come between me and my books.

[…] has a collection too — of beautifully illuminated manuscripts at Turning the Pages.  (I blogged about that one a while […]

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