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Posted on: July 23, 2006

Okay, so, I write this book-related blog…

…and then people actually expect me to know lots about books. Mike, for example, emailed me, wanting to know who I’d recommend for someone who really enjoyed Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.

Now, I’ve seen the movie, but never read the book. But, I can imagine what it’s like, so I recommended Sailor Song by Ken Kesey. He says he’s started it, but couldn’t finish it.

Okay. So my credibility is on the line here. I’ll try a different tack.

I keep getting emails from Storycode.com — maybe I’ll pop back there and check it out for Mike and his reading needs.

What is Storycode? From their website:

Read Code Find Love
Every time you finish a book, tell us all about it. Our questions will code your exper- ience of the story.
Code a Story…
Tell me more…
Our system finds matches and makes recommendations.
Tell me more…
Books found through StoryCode will surprise and delight you.

So, if enough people read enough books, “code” them, then I may be able to find some good matches for someone who likes psychological dramas with lots of action. Here are the top results for Fight Club (the % is how close the match is):

Choke (Chuck Palahniuk)  79.18 %

Set this House in Order (Matt Ruff)  78.40 %

Geek Love (Katherine Dunn)  77.11 %

Secret History, The (Donna Tartt)   77.01 %

Contortionist`s Handbook, The (Craig Clevenger) 76.19 %

Invisible Monsters (Chuck Palahniuk)  76.11 %

Brooklyn Follies (Paul Auster) 75.11 %

A Scanner Darkly (Philip K. Dick)  75.09 %

Wind-up Bird Chronicle, The (Haruki Murakami)     75.05 %

Sparrow, The (Mary Doria Russell)    74.68 %

God of Small Things, The (Arundhati Roy)  74.45 %

Vernon God Little (D.B.C. Pierre)      74.29 %

Rottweiler, The (Ruth Rendell)   74.18 %

Case Histories (Kate Atkinson)    73.88 %

Shadow of the Wind (Carlos Ruiz Zafon)    73.62 %

Lullaby (Chuck Palahniuk)      73.28 %

A Clockwork Orange (Anthony Burgess) 72.68 %

Oryx and Crake (Margaret Atwood)  72.59 %

More exist…but I thought, for the sake of blog-brevity, to stop at Margaret Atwood. Notice, that yes, there are more books by Palahniuk, but look at the other options!

Mike, let me know how those work out. 🙂


4 Responses to "Recommendations"

I know this is not the appropriate place to pose my question, but since I don’t know how to contact you, I thought the comment section will do!
I notice in this book that you disabled the RSS feed, are you doing this intentionally? Many people, like me, depend on RSS readers to stay updated with all the blogs.

Not really intentional…to be honest I don’t use rss feeds (yet?) so I don’t think of activating them.

I will.

oh, and it’s loricat at gmail dot com if you want to email me.


1. Cool, I read the contortionist’s handbook (#5) and it was great. If there are three better books than that on the list I’m very excited.

2. Ahmad, WordPress sucks for rss as far as I can tell; I can’t put a feedburner button on my page for the life of me. That may be part of the problem.

If there are three better books than that on the list I’m very excited.

Mike, I don’t know about ‘better’…all that site promises is that of the umpteen people who have coded the books in questions, those 3 are the most similar. But have fun!

I was browsing in my fab local 2ndhand bookstore today, looking for buddy who wrote “Fight Club”, but could I for the life of me remember his name?!? How many times did I type it out? Argh!

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