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“It was on this day in 1940…”

Posted on: July 27, 2006

“It was on this day in 1940 that Bugs Bunny made his
debut in a short animated film called “A Wild Hare”.
He was modeled on Groucho Marx, with a carrot rather
than a cigar. Mel Blanc gave him a Brooklyn accent.
The story line of the cartoon involved Elmer Fudd
hunting rabbits, only to have Bugs thwart him at every
turn. Bugs Bunny’s first line in the cartoon, when he
meets Elmer Fudd, is, “What’s up, doc?” It was a
phrase that one of the writers remembered people
saying where he grew up in Texas.”

Ah, that ‘wascally wabbit’ turns 66, a nice round number.

Thanks to my man for pointing this out to me, from his daily visit to the Writer’s Almanac. A big kiss, dear!

Bugs is truly one of my heros. Yeah, I know, he ain’t real, but just pause and consider his attitude. Here is a rabbit whose lust for life gets him into all kinds of scrapes, so he has to use his joie de vivre, quick wits, and sense of humour to extracate himself.

Plus, he has those wonderful magic pockets in his fur, where he always finds the correct tool for the job.

On a side note: Is anyone interested in buying my enormous collection of Bugs Bunny paraphenalia?!?

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