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The Pillow Book

Posted on: August 8, 2006

Sometimes, book-movie-life connections all fall into place, in that instant of far-seeing understanding.

Today it happened while surfing over to one of my ‘regular read’ blogs, Tian’s Hanzi Smatter.  (He was just featured in the latest issue of Macleans magazine, so he’s getting a lot of hits right now.) This guy collects instances of epidermal stupidity — white folk getting Asian tattoos, usually Chinese characters, that they don’t understand.

A tattoo, does not come off (easily or painlessly), unlike, say paint, or ink…as was used in the rather disturbing but erotic film The Pillow Book

…where references are made to The Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon over a thousand years ago in Japan. It’s quite a lovely book, essentially a collection of observations, thoughts, and gossip by a woman in the royal court.

But don’t read about it, read it — or excerpts of it — here.


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