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Great news and a literary tie-in

Posted on: August 16, 2006

Just heard some brilliant news on the radio — three Mexican fishermen, presumed dead/drowned by their families in September, have just been found, after drifting (almost literally) halfway around the world.

Can you imagine the joy and celebration right now with their families?!? I picture stunned silence, followed by crazed jubilation, then a huge party in the town square. It’s still 2 weeks until the fishing boat they were picked up by gets into port…then they have to be sent home. Time enough, I hope, to get that lean, hungry look out of their eyes before seeing their families again.

Three cheers for rainwater! Hip hip hooray!

A great real life story, mirroring, in some ways the Booker Prize winner from 2002, Yann Martel‘s Life of Pi.

Okay, so maybe the only parallels are the being stranded at sea for months — but I see the world through books (and sometimes movies), so sue me if this is the first thing that came to mind!

If you haven’t read about the Indian boy, Pi, who grew up learning about the animals in his father’s zoo, then subsequently got stranded at sea in a lifeboat with a tiger, then well, go to the library today, and pick it up. It’s a book that pulls you in and keeps you there, with its anecdotes about animals, comments on life and religion, and moments of magical realism.


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