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SF (& what it means to you)

Posted on: October 6, 2006

Interesting how the genre of SF has changed over the years. No, I’m not going to start a history lesson…go to Wikipedia for that.

But, what do they really stand for, those two letters? Science fiction? Speculative fiction? Science fiction & fantasy? Does it matter?

The point is, the literature of alternate views of reality is a wonderful thing…a laboratory of possible outcomes, a playground for ideas, and a place where absolutely anything goes. In my bookmarks, I’ve been holding on to a useful one, the Internet Speculative Fiction Database. The main page has a great list of upcoming releases, in all forms, including audio. [So now I really know what my bookstore isn’t stocking!]

While I’m on about releases and new books, have you folks been to Baen’s Free Library? It’s a great marketing ploy (and a transparent one, if you read the first page), but there’s one point that’s not made there:

How many people are really likely to read a book online?

I might read the first chapter, get into it, and decide to buy the book (or find it at the library), but I don’t see myself reading all of it while sitting at my computer.

Questions for the public: Do you read books online? On your computer, your PDA, whatever. If so, why? How? How many? Is it better than a physical book (perish the thought!)?

Obviously, I’m biased to the ‘real thing’. I want to hold a book in my hand, curl up in a comfy chair (or flake out on the sofa, or sit up in bed…), and turn pages. I’ve read a book once on the computer, as an experiment. It was The Voyages of Doctor Doolittle by Hugh Lofting.


6 Responses to "SF (& what it means to you)"

The book I am reading is very heavy (just over a kilo now that I threw it on the scale! Not as heavy as I thought)and it got me thinking of online. My objections are similar to yours plus losing that feeling of satisfaction as my bookmark progresses through a thick tome. I also check back for mistakes and inconsistancies and for that I need the visual clue of page side or how far back etc. The same with the newspaper. How do you divvy up sections?

I hear ya!

I thought the rule of thumb for webpage writing is ‘fit it on the screen’ (ie. no scrolling down). That makes sense, ’cause I’m right there, I get bored reading too much text on a screen. So how do readers of ebooks keep their eyes from going buggy?

[…] and his books. Not only is he a reader, he’s someone who prefers to read online (I’ve been looking for one!): I love the great novels on my computer screen because, for me, paper is […]

This was what I had been looking for back when I asked about the e-books!!! I have read a bunch since then AND REALLY ENJOY sitting at the computer, that is until it’s bedtime or the sun finally comes out. I guess I’ll need a laptop now! ( 0-100 in a year-and-a-half of Luddite time)

April 8th and 11th were my question and your reply. Sorry I wasn’t more specific but thanks for the new category.

I’m glad you like the new category, Lyd. If you like reading online, there’s oooooodles of stuff out there!

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