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Mapping Literature

Posted on: October 23, 2006

Every once in awhile, there’s a truly new, beautiful thing on the Internet. Years ago, I was introduced to the Visual Thesaurus. I would go there periodically to just play, and watch the gorgeous flow of words. Now, you can type one word in, then ya gotta pay! Ah well, everyone needs to make a living. (Would I actually want my own copy on the desktop? Not sure. I have a thesaurus already. I think the visual beauty of the thing would distract me from its intended use…)

Now, the creator of Gnod, an experiment in AI, has a Literature-Map…type in an author, and see a map of his/her connections. Seems to be along the lines of ‘if you like X, you’ll like Y’. Seems to work. I checked out Orson Scott Card, and I like the authors closest to him.


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