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Free…no charge

Posted on: October 27, 2006

Humans! We all seem to want something for nothing. Maybe because we’re programmed to expect our water and air to be free, and we’re still hardwired for the whole hunting and gathering days (not that that was really free…it was a lot of risky work for both tasks).

Anyway, very often, a person finding this blog is searching for a free online version of a book. Sometimes it’s a book that is out of copyright, and truly free. And sometime, it’s a book that people should know better about — some relatively new publication.

Hell, I’m guilty of it as well. I once had a copy of the 1996 essay by David R. Counts & Dorothy Ayers Counts on RVing — which they’ve since expanded into a book, Over the Next Hill: An Ethnography of RVing Seniors in North America. I went searching for the article online, hoping to find that someone had posted it for free…

No luck. Oh, it was out there, but at a cost.

I do some marketing on the side — and this is one thing that I recommend for anyone with a business website: Have something of real value on your website for free. People will come for the free stuff, and keep coming back for more. Good examples: Baen’ free books, and the Altoids mint flash game, which is pretty cool.


1 Response to "Free…no charge"

This is part of what the music industry has taken over ten long painful years to understand, and another ten long painful years to pretend to adopt.

And even now the adoption isn’t sincere. They load their product down with so many conditions, protections, spam, malware, spyware and “digital rights management” crud that it’s just easier to download the stuff for free.

All to protect a corrupt and deficient business model.

Interesting that the actual artists out there largely embraced the web as an enormous leap forward for literature et al.

While the music and movie industries kept burying their heads in the sand for years, and then suing people for using it in a way the companies couldn’t charge for.

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