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I just had to laugh…

Posted on: November 8, 2006

So I’m reading a short story, Expiation, by Edith Wharton…probably, unfortunately I realize now, the first piece of her writing I’ve ever read, and a line just makes me burst out laughing:

“Though the trials of married life have been classified and catalogued with exhaustive accuracy, there is one form of conjugal misery which has perhaps received inadequate attention; and that is the suffering of the versatile woman whose husband is not equally adapted to all her moods. Every woman feels for the sister who is compelled to wear a bonnet which does not “go” with her gown; but how much sympathy is given to her whose husband refuses to harmonize with the pose of the moment?”

I love my husband dearly, but he does sometimes lack a sense of what’s really going on…So I can commiserate!

I’m going back to continue reading this story — had to pause to share this with you all.  Very good so far, in that Victorian fiction tone of understatement and false modesty. Wonderful.

2 Responses to "I just had to laugh…"

Don’t worry, Honey.


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