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A generation that can’t spell??

Posted on: November 14, 2006

As many of you have heard, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority has stated that while they

“…still strongly discourages students from using anything other than full English, but that credit will be given if the answer ‘clearly shows the required understanding,’ even if it contains text-speak.” (CNN)

So, essentially, this is a concession to students that may have a grasp over the topic, but in the pressure of the test, may forget that r is actually spelled are?

Ever hear of audience? Register (Linguistics. a variety of language typically used in a specific type of communicative setting: an informal register; the register of scientific discourse. Source.)?

What the hell are you doing, allowing a whole generation of young people to get away with a casual social register as their only form of expression? Hey, every group has its own jargon — that’s fine. But it’s not brought into the broader social sphere, or the general workplace.

Those kids that take the Qualifications Authority up on this concession may discover that those doing the marking may not actually be able to read text-speak.

Stick to learning to spell. You may need it for the rest of your life.


11 Responses to "A generation that can’t spell??"

roflmao! ur 2 fne.

i cn get job w/res writ in txt msg? Cool.

wt r u tkg abt im fin3 who ndz spllg

(I wonder if they’ve noticed that I’m ignoring them?)

I remember that spelling and punctuation counted for a large percentage of the final mark on English tests. I must be getting old or sumthin’.

Hey, I’m hip to the jive! It’s cool with me man! Hunky dory. Is there a dictionary? I still haven’t figured out what fin3 means? BTW I don’t stumble on anymore!

Seriously, what does fin3 mean?

I work at a university and I find it funny that people who are 20 years old don’t know the difference between “to, too and two”. Some also have trouble with “there and their”.

I’m glad that my kids get spelling tests in school!

I taught ESL for years, and those students ‘get’ the difference between ‘to, too and two’…why can’t native speakers?

I won’t comment on the “its, it’s” difference — I’m usually very careful about that one, but a few posts ago, someone caught me in an apostrophe error. (Quelle horreur!)


Once again you’ve hit on an area I’m passionate about. This drives me crazy to, er, uh, two, I mean too!

Gini, I’m glad to see you around here. Check out my other blog (Celebrating the Absurd)on the blogroll to see more of my cowfish avatar…

I checked out your jewelry — quite pretty stuff.

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