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Posted on: January 22, 2007

Here, and at my more general, more absurd blog, I’m updating my links to include David’s Very Short Novels, Azahar’s Casa Az, and Archies’ Archive.

It’s about time, since I visit rather regularly, and they seem to visit me.

Enjoy their sites, if you haven’t gone already.


6 Responses to "Updated blogroll"

That’s exactly as it should be, but nothing I would ever take for granted. On a different day, I could easily be the victim of ruthless culling! Thank you for the notice, loricat! And for the visits! And for the thoughtful comments . . . !

You’re welcome! Bienvenue!

¡Muchisimas gracias! 🙂

If you like, stop by my casa az post on favourite books.

Ah, I see you are a Robertson Davies’ fan, and Nog is a Sheri S. Tepper fan. Both of those are on my fave list. I’ve blogged on Tepper, try her books again — trust Nog and I on this!

I need to blog on Davies…he was just so bloody amazing.

Back in civilisation, back on the ‘net and back blogging. Thank you for the honour, Ma’am.

You’re welcome, Sir. And welcome back.

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