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Five of the best sexy bits in books

Posted on: February 17, 2007

Inspired by a comment left yesterday by Sulz, over at Bloggerdybooks — to go with the dark chocolate hopefully someone gave you on Valentine’s Day.

Also continuing in the list-genre to annoy engtech for his lovely little contest.

Only 1 rule: No fair citing books that are supposed to be erotic.

  • The first really substantial sex scene I ever encountered in a book was a Harold Robbins, when I was about 13. (Oh, he died in 1997!) Anyway, I think it was “The Pirate”…wow. Poppers and threesomes. Yippee!
  • I then moved on to bodice-rippers, or as the neighbour I babysat for called them (the 30-something woman who lent my impressionable teen self the books) , HHRs (Horny Historical Romances). Whowee!
  • Roots had some eye-opening moments, to my 11-year-old eyes.
  • Of course, Wifey, by Judy Bloom.
  • I must admit, Anne Rice’s vampire books have their incredibly sensual moments.

Okay, this was harder than I thought. I found I had to dredge my teen (and pre-teen) memory for titles. I think now, as an adult, I’m turned off books whose sex scenes don’t fit into the narrative flow, and I don’t really remember scenes in books where they do.


Okay folks — what about you? You don’t have to think of 5 if you can’t…(except Sulz!)


12 Responses to "Five of the best sexy bits in books"

It’s not annoying. 🙂

The one that sprang to mind immediately was the extremely HOT moment in Ken Follet’s Eye Of The Needle when the spy and the wife of the crippled man finally give in to their desires … gaaaa! it’s so very well done. It totally fit into the story, wasn’t gratuitous at all.

but i already did my 5 things for the contest!

to be honest i don’t particular prefer any sexy bits by an author because well, these bits are pretty rare in the genre of books i usually read. so much so that when i read a romance / chick lit book i get pretty disappointed if the author doesn’t describe the bedroom action!

and i don’t have a personal favourite sexy bit because after reading them over and over again, it gets boring. i’m constantly in search of new sexy bits, let’s just say. 😉

oh, and i would really like to find a book which opens with a sexy bit.

One book that turned my head as a youth was “The Color Purple”. The opening paragraphs when she describes her [rape] was so graphic that my little ears were like, whoa!

A novel that opens with a sexy bit? There’s a challenge for you all folks! Let’s find one. (And sulz, you can enter another list…)

Never did read “Eye of the Needle” — but the movie was memorable. Maybe I should pick up a copy, check out the scene. I wonder how many 2ndhand copies will fall open to the right page?

Yeah, the Color Purple — that’s one great book, and fabulous movie. One of the only ones that can make me cry and cry and cry…

Oh, dear. I’m hopelessly archaic. I found “Fanny Hill” to be hands down one of the most erotic books I ever read.

Ah, but Fanny Hill was erotic. What I’m looking for here are the bits in, uh, ‘regular’ books that were surprisingly salacious.

I read Fanny Hill a long time ago, before I even knew what sex was, really. Too bad. Maybe I should find it and read it.

[…] “Five of the best sexy bits inbooks” by loricat (Save this post at del.icio.us) […]

[…] “Five of the best sexy bits inbooks” by loricat (Save this post at del.icio.us) […]

My first exposure to sex scenes in books was also possibly from the genre you call HHR. Specifically novels by M. M. Kaye, like Tradewinds and Shadow of the Moon. Her novels didn’t have too many sex bits in them, but my 13-year-old self was pretty engrossed. (Now what do I mean by “too many sex bits,” I wonder…)

These days, I’m partial to the racy bits in the Sarah Caudwell novels, which surface from time to time in the fairly academic prose. One endearing character, a young tax lawyer named Julia, seems to frequently find herself in fairly compromising situations, usually in her underwear.

Haven’t read any Sarah Caudwell — but compromising situations, in her underwear…promising.

I just re-read Skinny Legs and All — Tom Robbins is all about squishy, messy sex. Quite nice, actually. 🙂

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