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A Beat Education

Posted on: April 8, 2007

I found this link ages ago, put it in my blogworthy list, and there it has sat, to wait for a day, like today, when I should be outside, enjoying the sun.

[Living life to the fullest. Thinking new thoughts, maybe even writing some poetry, instead of rehashing other people’s ideas. It’s Easter Sunday…if nothing else, for this atheist, a day to signal the true beginning of Spring. So, a quick blog post, and then I’m outta here!]

Ginsberg’s Celestial Homework — Your site of the day…essentially a:

Specialized Reading List for “Literary History of the Beat Generation,”
a course taught by Allen Ginsberg at Naropa Institute during the summer of 1977.

This “celestial homework” is the reading list that Ginsberg handed out on the first day of his course as “suggestions for a quick check-out & taste of ancient scriveners whose works were reflected in Beat literary style as well as specific beat pages to dig into.”

This is a very great list…with some rather nepotistic choices — many of his contemporaries, like Neal Cassady‘s autobiography The First Third. (Cassady had died almost 10 years before, tragically young, so I’m not really surprised by Ginsberg’s choice.)

I think I’m going to grab some poetry and a beer, and sit on the grass to read aloud.



3 Responses to "A Beat Education"

I had a beat education. It had to be beat into my thick skull.

Where is your thing about e-books?

Okay, old joke. Not necessarily funny. 😛

My first thought was,”Why doesn’t she go to my ‘ebooks’ category?” Then I realized that I don’t seem to have one. I usually put them under ‘Book Links’ (’cause it’s a link to a book), but then if a post has links to Amazon, Powells or the publishers’ sites, I also label it ‘Book Links’. This is obviously my bad.

I’ll fix it. Then you should be able to click on ‘Ebooks’, and get all of my posts that have a link to the actual online book.

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