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Posted on: September 28, 2007

I’ve ranted on in the past about the quality of the reader making, or breaking, an audio book.  If you’ve ever listened to a tedious reader, you know what I’m talking about. (And no, just because a reader is a famous actor, doesn’t mean that they’re any damn good!)

And I’ve blogged occasionally about poetry. Meant to be read aloud, it is an ideal match to audio, and I think we need to acknowledge a lovely podcast blog today: Classic Poetry Aloud.

Oh, I would admire anyone with the guy’s dedication to posting regular podcasts of themselves reading classic poetry…but I wouldn’t listen to it, if the reading were mediocre.

Mr. Only the Poetry Matters, you read very well. I’m now a fan.


2 Responses to "Poetry, read"


Many thanks for the kind comments and for the reference to Classic Poetry Aloud. I hope that my reading comes close to the quality of the poems I deliver.

Classic Poetry Aloud

Thanks for popping by here, CPA. I’ll think of some poems I need to hear read…(after I’ve finished perusing your whole site, though. Don’t want to annoy you with repeats!)


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