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Dictionaries, revisited

Posted on: November 21, 2007

A while back I wrote about dictionaries, as all bookish bloggers are wont to do (aren’t they?). I really enjoy having dictionaries, knowing they are there for when I need them.

I like them in person, hard and weighty tomes. I enjoy contemplating what they represent — the unfathomable hours of labour by word enthusiasts, the preserving of ever-changing nuance, the slanting of opinion, even the dictating of form and sound.

I have physical dictionaries, dictionaries on my computer, and links to numerous language resources in my bookmarks.

And of course, there are the thesauri, word lists, menus, reverse dictionaries…ooh! I could go on forever!

But then, there are the visual dictionaries. The online Visual Thesaurus used to be something free, but now you have to pay. I’ve never been able to justify it, as I would not use it as intended, I would just follow the visual trails for hours, ignoring the original need for a synonym.

Today I stumbled upon another online dictionary: Merriam-Webster’s Visual Dictionary.  Probably more nouns than you’ll ever possibly need, but just in case you needed to know the name of the doohickey on a whatchamacallit, now you can just look for it.


4 Responses to "Dictionaries, revisited"

You are so much like me, or i’m like you, well anyway, if we knew each other we’d make a good team, hehe, keep up the good work

Trippy website you’ve got there, ‘sports fact’ — 5 months of more-than-daily lists of trivia. I can just about imagine your library (and your bookmark list!)…


Oh dear, I just went and bought myself another dictionary 😦

That makes about 15 dictionaries and thesaurii on my bookshelves. Should I look for a 12 step plan to overcome this addiction?

Hey, I just bought a copy of Samuel Johnson’s dictionary…not quite reference, but definitely fun.

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