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Wouldn’t it be utterly brilliant to have a comprehensive list of available online books?

This site seems to be a step in that direction. It is a no-frills webpage of links to so many of the online book (including audio books) locations that one would be hard-pressed to say if anything was missing. And if it is, suggest it to the website’s owner, and I’m sure it will be added.

Next, give me a book reader and I’ll be all set.

Since we’re on the subject, if you’re looking to get me a gift (“Really? For me?!?”), I’m opting for the iRex iLiad — pricey but has features that I’d love. Unlike the much-too-hyped Amazon Kindle — where they don’t tell you the fine print (I’ve read this on Cnet, in the user reviews). You know all those thousands of free books online? The ones that you already have on your computer? Well, if you want them on the Kindle, you gotta buy them from Amazon, ’cause they won’t go on otherwise! Yup, Amazon has found a way to inveigle all those book lovers into buying stuff that is otherwise free! [The moral of the story? Do your research before you buy!!]


Found a great blog post today about how this woman got a word into the OED.

Lyza, you’re my hero.

It is because of her that ‘food coma’ is in the OED:

food coma n. U.S. a lethargic state induced by eating, esp. a large quantity of (freq. rich or unhealthy) food.”

I’ve written on dictionaries before, online and in meat space (hey, Lyza, can you talk to your buddies about that phrase?), but I thought I’d comment for a moment on the dictionary I use the most:


This online beauty is beyond a doubt the resource I turn to the most on an almost daily basis. Here, you find the meanings and translations of pretty much any word and phrase to/from English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and German. I use it almost daily at work as I am managing a couple of files with French organizations, and I often have to write emails etc. in French (and read them!). Do a quick search, and if the resulting page of options is not sufficient, scroll down a bit further to the list of idiomatic phrases. And if what you’re looking for is still not there, there’s a list of Forum posts that will help. Still no? Then post your question (follow the guidelines please!) on the forum, and Voilà! within 5 minutes, you’ll have an answer. People are always combing the forums for questions to answer…’tis very friendly, accurate and quick!

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