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At any given moment, I could have 10 books on the go — science fiction, poetry, a cultural history, a childhood favourite…I love the unknown of a new book, the comfort of an old friend. Who knows what’s next?

I can always be contacted at loricat at gmail dot com.


13 Responses to "About Me"

Responding to your comment on my page.
I know sometimes customers are just I pain. I can be a bigger pain than most, but it was just a horrible effort at disguising apathy.
The incident at the theater just happened totake place 10 minutes after I was turned down for a haircut because the barber was eating.

Oh no! Days like that, when bad service piles up on bad service, just throw in the towel! Take yourself to a bookstore for a browse, where you don’t need, much less want, service!


Yes, Anglo-Saxon Metrics have a way of insinuating themselves into ones creative diatribes. All of my creative prose, or poetry seems… over-symetric, or (for a Black Man…) too rhythmical.
You seem cute; it must be your biblio-infinitude.
…Peace & Love…

Direct us toward your “over-symetric,” over rhythmical prose, Carlos!

I just wanted to let you know that I want to subscribe to your RSS feed. But you don’t seem to have one!

Let me know if you get one.

Ah…an RSS feed. I don’t really understand how they work, or how to add one. Anyone with the knowhow to give me a push in that direction?


Hi Lori! Google alert attracted me to your website when it spotted Okal Rel Saga titles in you list of books for review. Thank you for being a book person! I try to do reviews myself, on my “Lynda Reads” blog and on various web 2.0 book sites, and always wish I could do more. I’ve managed to fit a few more books into my life these days by listening to books on CD in the car going to and from work. People who don’t read know only one world. Those who do know as many as their minds can fathom. Like you, I read all over the map. History, SF and technical manuals mostly at the moment. Also slowly working on research for Part 8 of the Okal Rel Saga bearing on religious reform movements.

Lynda, thank you for stopping by. And I find it interesting that you didn’t comment on the thread where your books were mentioned! I would have my own reasons for not doing it, in your position, but that’s me…

I hope you’re not offended by the comments re: the cover artists EDGE seems to use. 🙂 Perhaps you could summarize what I need to know re: Part 1 before I dive into 2 & 3?


Regarding BookCamp in Vancouver – you wanted someone to partner with who would know the tech side of the Internet marketing and using social media networks.

Can I suggest you contact Peggy Richardson at HumanUs Publishing? She’s coaching me. She knows her “stuff”. She may be able to offer you something which would be sold or distributed to attendees on this topic. She is a “tech guru”.

Caesi Bevis

You need a “Contact Me” button on your blog, btw…

Thanks Caesi…I just emailed Peggy.

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